Tu Gutes mit Gutem

KLinie unter Schrftzug Tu Gutes mit Gutem


I can’t does not exist, – I either can,
or I don’ want to help


In order to realize the project financially many sources of income are required.


The plan is to found a ltd. company with a holding company as foundation. Once there is enough money, the ltd. company / holding company will be founded.


The profits of my CD’s, my performances, as well as jingles sung for companies and the future sales from the book in planning »Omi und ihr Engelchen« will be my continuous donation to the project »Tu Gutes mit Gutem«.


As this project is my hearts desire and my own activities still need a little more time, it would be nice if anyone could find it in their hearts to make some financial donations in order to get the foundation started. Only together we are strong.


Have a heart and telephone me.



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