Tu Gutes mit Gutem

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Dear Sponsor,

I would like to have you as a helping hand for my project, too. Only if we pool our talents and possibilities we can correct social imbalances in small steps.


Some people have already responded to my request to support the project with ideas, financial and material donations:

Logo Klavierretter

>> Georg Sturm, KlavierRetter, Lippstadt

>> Gößing, Klaviertransporte, Düsseldorf

>> Prof. Dr. W. Mang, Bodenseeklinik

>> Dr. med. E. Haefliger, LaserVista, Schweiz

>> Prinzipalstudios, Jörg Umbreit
Aufnahme und Mix »Sometimes«

And also:


I would be delighted if you were to telephone me and told me how you could be of help.


With kindest regards

Claudia Brüggemann



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